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Tweet Friday 2nd February 2018

AGM Director Nominations - Message from the Chair

This year we have three vacancies for elected directors to be voted on to the Board at the AGM. These positions are open to anyone with an orienteering background; no previous committee work is necessary. If you have knowledge of how organisations work and can step back and think strategically about the sport then you could contribute to the work of the Board.

Particular areas of expertise such as finance or marketing are useful but the essential is to be able to assimilate a wide range of views and work with the other Board members to reach decisions about the ongoing governance and future of the sport.

We are looking for people from diverse backgrounds to stand for the Board, including gender, race, age, disability, to give us a rounded point of view. In 2018 we particularly want to encourage people from other parts of the UK to put themselves forward for election. Our current directors all come from the Midlands/Manchester Area and we would like to extend our reach further afield to try to get a better representation of our clubs in other parts of the country.

This does, of course, make getting together more difficult, but we are looking at ways that we can meet in other parts of the country to make the board more inclusive for our more remote communities.

I would be very happy to talk to anyone who is contemplating standing for election, just email to arrange a time to talk.

          - Judith Holt, British Orienteering Chair