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Tweet Tuesday 23rd March 2021

Safeguarding Website Update

In order to provide more support and easier access, British Orienteering has been working hard enhancing the Safeguarding sections of the website.

Safeguarding is very important to British Orienteering and plays a vital role in contributing to Orienteers or all ages enjoying the sport in a safe environment.  

The Safeguarding and Safety page is now easily accessible from the main home page, where it features at the top of the Training & Support menu.

There are greater changes within the members area under the About menu (and under the Safeguarding heading), which sees a number of new pages created alongside more resources, which will make finding the information you need far easier.

The new pages include:

Reporting a Safeguarding or Safety Concern

This page contains all the details you need should you be in the situation to report an incident or report a concern.


This page outlines the steps you need to see if you require a DBS. There are a couple of types of DBS and the handy flow diagram here will help explain if you need one or not. There is also the DBS eligibility form, which you should complete and return to the British Orienteering office which will allow us to check if you are entitled to a DBS, if so, we’ll set you up with our DBS provider.

Safeguarding Resources

All Safeguarding documents will feature on their parent page, but now also with their own resource page.

More changes and enhancements will be made over the coming months and if there is anything you feel would be beneficial to include, please email British Orienteerings’ Lead Safeguarding Officer, Peter Brooke on