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Tweet Friday 13th August 2021

The World Cup Round Two continues with the Middle distance race

The Middle distance will take place tomorrow (14 August) at Gränjåsen, situated north-east of Idrefjäll. Most of the competition area is inside a nature reserve. Mainly sub-alpine forest  with old-grown threes and very few ‘green’-areas (areas with lower runability and visibility). Some areas are very detailed with a lot of features.

The start lists are now available and the GB athletes competing for Great Britain in the Middle distance tomorrow are as follows with their start times.

Start times: GB Men:  Middle distance

Nathan Lawson (Great Britain) 13:06 (UK time 12:06)

Joshua Dudley (Great Britain) 13:12 (UK time 12:12)

Chris Smithard (Great Britain) 13:34 (UK time 12:34)

Ben Mitchell (Great Britain) 13:42 (UK time 12:42)

Hector Haines (Great Britain) 14:56 (UK time 13:56)

Ralph Street (Great Britain) 15:52 (UK time 14:52) 

Start times:  GB Women:  Middle distance

Fiona Bunn (Great Britain) 14:55 (UK time 13:55)

Cecilie Andersen (Great Britain) 15:17 (UK time 14:17)

Grace Molloy (Great Britain) 15:37 (UK time 14:37)

Jo Shepherd (Great Britain) 16:51 (UK time 15:51)

Catherine Taylor (Great Britain) 16:59 (UK time 15:59)

Megan Carter Davies (Great Britain) 17:07 (UK time 16:07)


Find out more and enjoy all the action live here.


Very best wishes to all the GB athletes competing in the Middle distance race tomorrow.

GB team - World Cup Round Two