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British Orienteering is supporting UK Coaching Week (6 - 12 June)

Did you know it’s UK Coaching Week? This year’s annual celebration of #GreatCoaching has seen the UK Coaching launch #Born2Coach, a movement that we hope will inspire people to get into coaching while also empowering those who already coach to get better at their craft, sending a powerful message about the positive impact of great coaching.

Find out how you can get involved in the celebration, along with details of two UK Coaching Week special offers that will help you advance your skills and provide you with great learning, practical tools, invaluable support, and money-saving perks.

Get involved

Calling all Orienteering Coaches!

Why do YOU coach?

  • Have you got a personal orienteering coaching story that British Orienteering can share with the UK Coaching community and publish on the British Orienteering website and social media channels? 
  • How long have you been coaching orienteering at club level? 
  • What has been your coaching highlight over the last 12 months?
  • Maybe you are on the start of your coaching journey now? 
  • What inspires and motivates you to coach? 

However you are involved in coaching orienteering in the UK, British Orienteering encourages you to share your coaching story with others.

Share your #Born2Coach story on

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Alternatively, please send your coaching stories and snippets (including any photos with relevant crediting and permissions) to:
Jennie Taylor, Communications Officer; email: 


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