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Mike's eNews - December 2017

Mike’s eNews – 21 December 2017


Thank You’s


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

EGM and the Club & Association Conference

Board of Directors

Forestry Commission

Insurance & Event News

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This month there are a couple of longer topics followed by a number of short topics.



Thank You!

I’m continuing to work for British Orienteering on a two-days a week basis through to the end of January 2018. With the Chair’s help and Board support, we have plotted some key matters I will work on during January so that Peter Hart, the CEO to be, can take over from 1 February without having to deal with these key issues immediately. Hopefully, this will provide Peter with a little respite and opportunity to establish himself without being rushed off his feet. These matters include preparation for the Board meeting early in February, preparation for the AGM including the Annual Report, and the finalising of the yearend accounts.

I will also be continuing to provide day to day staff management and the ‘emergency’ service if any crisis happens at events etc. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you are faced with an emergency.

If I’m honest I have been completely humbled by the thank you’s I received both at the conference in October and since the news of my retirement! At the Conference I was presented with a fantastic print of Matlock Castle by a local artist, a book of memories and thank you’s, and an outstanding cake that we all enjoyed. Additionally, I was presented with a number of vouchers – of considerable value – that will undoubtedly help me enjoy my retirement! So a great big ‘Thank you’ to members, clubs, associations, staff and British Orienteering for your gifts that have, in this age of Twitter, ‘blown me away’!

I must also mention Jannette, Scott and Liz in the office who, along with Judith I suspect, made it all happen.

I’d also like to thank you all for making my time with orienteering so enjoyable! You have welcomed me, challenged me, argued with me, and yes at times frustrated me! Throughout all of this is has been your passion for orienteering that has stood out. For many of you as members, orienteering is a lifestyle; just don’t forget that in this day and age orienteering can also be enjoyable and life-changing for those people who take part in the sport in a more relaxed and infrequent way.

I will be communicating again towards the end of January as my departure grows close but I did want to express my thanks to you all before the end of the year. For me, it has been a great 12 years!!


Really great news, British Orienteering has survived a prolonged external review and assessment of our governance structures, policies and procedures. The process has been going on for almost a year but at last, this week, we have received confirmation that we have met the standards required by the new governance code. The news can be found at

It has been a thorough; challenging and frustrating process and we look forward to reaping some benefits in the future, such as continued funding support. The key things for us though is to know that British Orienteering is well run and can stand external challenge – something to be proud of for a sport the size of orienteering.

This has been a UK wide exercise with UK Sport and the home nations sports councils taking the lead on behalf of the Government.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation coming into effect from 25 May 2018 and we will be communicating how this will impact on clubs and members as well as British Orienteering over coming weeks and months.

There remain 4 legal issues relating to the regulations that are yet to be clarified and as soon as we receive direction regarding these we will be communicating with you.

For those of you interested in this topic it will be worth you reading the brief guidance at

More, much more to follow for those of you involved at club and association level.

EGM and the Club & Association Conference

The EGM was well attended, with the proposals all being adopted. These were:

  1. Adding the Isle of Man to the list of territories as defined in the Articles of Association.
  2. Defining a period of 4-years that a director must stand down before he or she can stand as a director again.
  3. Clarifying that the process of appointing the Chair of the Board is one where the best person for the role can be appointed.

Many thanks to all of you who attended or used your proxy vote.

The Club & Association Conference was extremely useful to obtain your views on a number of matters relating to competitions and events. The conference report and presentations can be found down the page at

Board of Directors

Two new independent directors attended an induction day at the National Office in late November and followed that with attendance at the Board meeting in early December. Peter Hart, the CEO to be, also attended the Board meeting to introduce himself to Board members and to start to get to know them.

The Board meeting minutes will be posted shortly and can be found at You will also find a list of Board directors on that page.

The Board meeting was excellent and I’m personally going to miss working with a great group of very committed people.

Moving forward there are likely to be two elected director vacancies at the AGM to be held on Friday 30 March 2018. Please consider any members that might consider putting themselves forward and let us have their details. It is a great opportunity to be a part of a board that shapes the future of orienteering in the UK and we could certainly do with some nominations and directors that provide the Board with geographic as well other forms of diversity. Please consider offering to help.

Forestry Commission

No significant movement on any area of work with the Forestry Commission and it remains the case that for almost all matters relating to access you are better to work at a local level.

FC invoicing and national services have now left the Edinburgh office and are being dealt with in England, but this is unlikely to affect many of you.

Insurance & Event News

You will see that the insurance cover note for 2018 has now been published and can be found at

Also on that page, you will find other significant news relating to events such as the revised IOF Control Descriptions.


Lastly, have a great Xmas and New Year and best wishes for an exciting 2018,


'More People, More Places, More Podiums'

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