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British Orienteering Squad System

British Orienteering operates a talent and performance pathway consisting of two squads the GB Senior International Squad and the GB Talent Squad. These are supported at a regional level by Junior Regional Squads. 

GB Senior International Squad

The senior international squad is recognition of athletes who have reached a level at which their performance warrants consideration for selection for GB teams. It does not offer any financial or service benefits. 


  • World Championships (WOC) – Primary target (Open): The ultimate target for our talent and performance programme and pathway; competing at WOC is the focus for athletes and preparation will dominate their schedule
  • World Cups: Provide regular international competition with the opportunity to gain ranking points
  • European Orienteering Championship (EOC): Operates as a World Cup event and provides a full programme of competition
  • World Games: Major multi-sport games for non-Olympic sports which take place every four years
  • World University Orienteering Championships (WUOC): A great opportunity for athletes in higher education

GB Talent Squad (up to and including age class 20)

Aim: To develop athletes towards top 20 places at Junior World Championships, in the next one to five years and onwards to successful senior participation.


  • Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) – (age classes: 18 & 20): JWOC is the primary target for the Talent programme and is linked to Sport England funding through top 20 targets. The aim is to select athletes who are performance-based and can deliver these targets either immediately or in future years. Athletes performing excellently can establish themselves as potential candidates for selection to the subsequent year’s WOC
  • Junior European Cup (JEC) – (age classes: 18 & 20): JEC is used as a training camp/competition for the assessment and development of athletes. Second-year M/W20 JWOC athletes are likely to be given senior opportunities, e.g. Euromeeting, instead of JEC, in order to assist their successful transition to the senior ranks
  • European Youth Orienteering Championship (EYOC) – (age classes: 16 & 18): Competing at EYOC is a significant and challenging step up in competitive orienteering for young athletes and is an opportunity for staff to assess athletes’ performances and establish, confirm or modify personal development plans


  • Tier 1: Includes primarily the 15-18 (School) age group and aims firstly to identify and induct promising juniors into the Talent squad and then assist in progressing them from the 'Learning to Train' to the 'Training to Train' phase of development. The juniors will be supported by Sport England funding and given a range of training and competitive opportunities to maximise their development. The majority of the performance team resources, including coaching, sports science and medical support, will be focused on this group, with athletes making a yearly financial contribution to allow this support to be maximised.
  • Tier 2: Includes primarily the 18-20 (University) age group and aims to continue the development of the older junior athletes in their final stages of their junior careers before progressing into the senior ranks. The purpose of the squad is to move the athlete from the 'Training to Train' to the 'Training to Compete' phase of development. Many of the athletes will be based at one of the two centres of excellence (ie. Edinburgh and Sheffield) and will be primarily supported by funding and resources available through Winning Students (Edinburgh) or TASS (Sheffield). Secondary support will be provided by the performance team, including coaching, sports science and medical support, and athletes will make financial contributions to this based on their personal requirements.

Regional Squads (age classes from 14 to 18)

Coordinated by Junior Regional Orienteering Squads and delivered by regional associations. This is the first steps for many on the talent pathway delivering coaching and mentoring to young orienteers. The squads provide both training and competitive opportunities including the Junior Inter-Regional Championships. For more information visit