Cardiff Park Series 3

Cardiff Park Series 3
Wed 7th Jun 2017
Level D
Suitable for familiesSuitable for young childrenSuitable for wheelchairsSuitable for newcomersCoaching/advice availableDogs allowed - constraints may apply


Venue:Victoria Park
Nearest town:Cardiff
Event centre:There is plenty of parking around the park. We will be near the large open area at the north
Postcode:CF5 1EY
Grid reference:ST154770
Parking information:park on roads around park


Description:Juniors, under 16, can only run the Novice courses due to road crossings on the longer courses. This is the only event where juniors can only run the novice course.
Physical difficulty of terrain:Easy
Entry times:Starts between 18.00-19.00
Punch type:SI
Event number:72221
Event website:Click here
Final details web page:Click here


Course description:The novice /junior course is about 1.4 km as the crow flies with 10 controls and all within the confines of the Victoria Park. The second course is about 3.0km long and has 15 controls and will also visit Thompson Park. The longest course is about 6 km and has about 18 controls.


Payment dateJunior/studentSeniorFamily/group
EOD£1.00 (£1.00)£3.00 (£5.00)N/A
Non-member fees shown in brackets

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Contact:Nigel Ferrand

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