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SO - Brighton City Race (night mass-start event - 6pm)

SO - Brighton City Race (night mass-start event - 6pm)
Sat 16th Dec 2017
Refreshments availableCoaching/advice availableOnline entry availableDogs are not allowedRanking event


Venue:central Brighton
Nearest town:Brighton
Event centre:Middle Street School, Middle Street, Brighton (BN1 1AL). The school will be open from 4pm
Postcode:BN1 1AN
Grid reference:TQ308041
Parking information:There are a number of City Centre car parking options, some suggestions can be found via Note that the event centre is within walking distance of Brighton Station
Dog rules:Totally unsuitable for dogs, and not permitted at the event centre either.


Description:The event is a race between checkpoints located around the seafront and city centre. The competition will visit the Eastern part of the city and utilise newly mapped areas. There are junior and age class courses of various distances, making the event ideal for novices as well as experienced runners. The junior race will be run entirely within the Brighton Lanes. The event is the penultimate round of the South of England Orienteering League. Prize giving will take place at 8pm. Refreshments will be available at assembly. The event centre will be Middle Street School which is in central Brighton and easily accessible by public transport.
Physical difficulty of terrain:Medium
Entry times:Pre-entry via Fabian4. Ltd EOD 4pm-5pm. Mass-start 6pm (950m to start, leave school 5.40pm latest)
Punch type:SI
Hire fee: £12.00
Event number:70196
Event website:Click here
Final details web page:Click here


Course description:There are 6 courses and participants may enter any one of these. However to be eligible for a medal (top 3 finishers in each class) you must enter a class appropriate to your age/gender. 1 Mens Open (16+) 6.7km (actual 8.8km) 180m climb, 29 controls. 2 Mens Vets (aged 40-50) / Womens Open (16+) 5.7km (actual 7.3km) 150m climb, 23 controls. 3 Mens Super Vets (55-60) / Womens Vets (40-50) 5.4km (actual 7.0km) 130m climb, 22 controls. 4 M Ultra Vets (65+) / W Super Vets (55-60) 4.8km (actual 6.4km) 120m climb, 20 controls. 5 W Ultra Vets (65+) / M/W Hypervets (75+) 3.0km (actual 4.2km) 50m climb, 19 controls. 6 M&W Juniors (12-16) / Accompanied Juniors (-16) 1.6km (actual 2.2km) 20m climb, 15 controls. Course 1-5 maps at scale of 1:5,000 on A3 waterproof paper. Course 6 map at scale of 1:2500 on A4. All courses contain butterfly loops. This is a system designed to split runners up during the course. After punching a central control some runners will follow one of the loops before returning to that central control and then heading out on another loop. This second loop will once again return you to that central control which you punch for the third time before continuing the course. Different runners will run the loops in different orders.


Payment dateJunior/studentSeniorFamily/group
01/11/2017 - 03/12/2017 (Early rate)£5.00 (£5.00)£8.00 (£10.00)£8.00 (£10.00)
04/12/2017 - 15/12/2017 (Late rate)£6.00 (£6.00)£10.00 (£12.00)£10.00 (£12.00)
16/12/2017 - 16/12/2017 (EOD)£7.00 (£7.00)£12.00 (£14.00)£12.00 (£14.00)
Non-member fees shown in brackets
Online entry via:
Online entry closing date:15/12/2017

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