SCOL8: BADO Colour Coded & SCOA League Event

SCOL8: BADO Colour Coded & SCOA League Event
Sun 19th Mar 2017
Level C
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Venue:Harewood Forest
Nearest town:Andover
Postcode:SP11 7HT
Grid reference:SU380425
Parking information:Please note that the final approach to the car parking area is on a forest road with a few potholes. The car park is in a sloping field, in the centre of the forest. If the previous week is very wet, then all parking will be on forest tracks.


Description:1:10,000 map on A3 waterproof paper, 5m contours; map specifically updated for this event. Harewood is a gently undulating woodland; The highest land is to the north with valleys running south east and east. The planner has designed courses to avoid the worst of the brambles and all courses will use the more rarely accessible open, eastern area as fully as possible. Access to the eastern woods by kind permission of Middleton Estates; access to the western woods by kind permission of Marquess Camden.
Type:Cross Country
Physical difficulty of terrain:Medium
Entry times:EOD 09:30-11.30
Punch type:Emit
Hire fee: £1.50
Competitions:Regional League
Event number:70867
Event website:Click here
Final details web page:Click here


Colour coded courses:White, Yellow, Orange, Light Green, Short Green, Green, Blue, Brown
10.1km +
Very Easy Courses are very easy with all controls on paths; they are mainly used by six to ten year olds and family groups.
Easy Courses use paths, tracks, walls and streams to assist with navigation; they are mainly used by under 12's and families.
Medium Courses require the basic use of a compass and will have basic route choices; they are ideal for adult beginners.
Hard Courses are more technically difficult and use contour and 'point' features such as ponds, small buildings and ruins, small hills, boulders, re-entrants and depressions; they are used by people with some orienteering experience.
Very Hard Courses are physically demanding and technically more difficult and require significant route choices to be made; they are designed for experienced orienteers wanting a challenge and many legs on a course will offer route choices.
Course Technical Difficulty and Length (Km) are a guide to the standard of the courses offered.


Payment dateJunior/studentSeniorFamily/group
22/01/2017 - 13/03/2017£3.50 (£4.50)£9.00 (£11.00)N/A
19/03/2017 - 19/03/2017 (EOD)£3.50 (£4.50)£11.00 (£13.00)N/A
Non-member fees shown in brackets
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Online entry closing date:13/03/2017
Postal entry via:
Mike Broderick
8 Purcell Close
Brighton Hill, Basingstoke
RG22 4EL
Postal entry closing date:13/03/2017

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