SO SOG S4 - Great Walstead School, Lindfield, nr Haywards Heath

SO SOG S4 - Great Walstead School, Lindfield, nr Haywards Heath
Sat 4th Mar 2017
Lindfield, Haywards Heath
Level D
Suitable for familiesSuitable for young childrenSuitable for newcomersCoaching/advice availableDogs are not allowed


Venue:Gt Walstead/Henfield Wood
Nearest town:Lindfield, Haywards Heath
Event centre:Great Walstead School
Postcode:RH16 2QL
Grid reference:TQ364249
Parking information:on hard standing around the rear of the school. Follow the driveway towards the school buildings and then look for signs directing cars around the back.
Dog rules:School grounds, no dogs allowed.


Description:SO Saturday morning event for club members & newcomers. 4 courses - Blue approx 5.5km, Green approx 4km, Orange approx 2.5km, Yellow approax 1.5km. Blue & green for experienced orienteers, orange & yellow for children, newcomers & families
Type:Cross Country
Physical difficulty of terrain:Medium
Entry times:Registration from 9.45am-10.45am. starts 10-11.15am. Courses close 12.30pm
Punch type:SI
Hire fee: £1.00
Competitions:Winter Series, Club League
Event number:71491
Event website:Click here


Course description:Great Walstead and Henfield Wood is a compact area of natural woodland with scattered fields. Within the woods there is a well-established irregular path network. There is a good level of contour detail spread throughout, along with many changes in vegetation.
Colour coded courses:Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue
10.1km +
Very Easy Courses are very easy with all controls on paths; they are mainly used by six to ten year olds and family groups.
Easy Courses use paths, tracks, walls and streams to assist with navigation; they are mainly used by under 12's and families.
Medium Courses require the basic use of a compass and will have basic route choices; they are ideal for adult beginners.
Hard Courses are more technically difficult and use contour and 'point' features such as ponds, small buildings and ruins, small hills, boulders, re-entrants and depressions; they are used by people with some orienteering experience.
Very Hard Courses are physically demanding and technically more difficult and require significant route choices to be made; they are designed for experienced orienteers wanting a challenge and many legs on a course will offer route choices.
Course Technical Difficulty and Length (Km) are a guide to the standard of the courses offered.


Payment dateJunior/studentSeniorFamily/group
EOD£2.00 (£2.00)£4.00 (£5.00)£4.00 (£5.00)
Non-member fees shown in brackets

Contact us

Contact:Alan Velecky

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