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SO - SOG A8 - Millennium Wood, Haywards Heath

SO - SOG A8 - Millennium Wood, Haywards Heath
Sat 20th Jan 2018
Cuckfield, Haywards Heath
Suitable for familiesSuitable for young childrenSuitable for newcomersCoaching/advice availableDogs allowed - constraints may apply


Venue:Millennium Wood
Nearest town:Cuckfield, Haywards Heath
Event centre:Warden Park School, Broad Street (B2184), Cuckfield
Postcode:RH17 5DN
Grid reference:TQ310245
Parking information:The entrance into Warden Park Academy is just west of the Wheatsheaf Pub. Please note the following instructions, as there will be other activities taking place. Parking is on the tennis courts (playground), accessed by taking the left fork of the driveway (do NOT drive straight up). The tennis courts are accessed through the fence just past the prefab building on the left at the top of the loop. Please park as far to the left (east) of the tennis courts as possible. On exit, use the same gap in the fence and turn left, then Give Way at the end before turning right down the main drive. There is a £1 car parking fee.
Dog rules:Please keep under control and clear up any mess. Note that the competition area is very popular with dog walkers.


Description:Low-key Saturday morning event aimed at local Orienteers and newcomers of all ages, including families. Forms part of the SO autumn league (September-January). 4 courses - Blue & Green for experienced Orienteers (approx 6km & 4km), Orange & Yellow for newcomers, families & children (approx 2.5km & 1.5km). Turn up and enter on the day - no pre-booking required. Note that the start / finish area is 600 metres from the car park, initially along pavements and then a public bridleway. Follow the red/white tapes – please use the pedestrian crossing to cross Broad Street. Two side roads also need to be crossed. Please take care. Children should be accompanied. Note that the start and finish will be close to each other.
Type:Cross Country
Physical difficulty of terrain:Medium
Entry times:Registration 9.45-10.45am. Starts 10.00-11.00am. Courses close 12.30pm
Punch type:SI
Hire fee: £1.00
Competitions:Winter Series, Club League
Event number:73027
Event website:Click here


Course description:New 1:7500 map - resurveyed and significantly extended during 2017 by Les Hooper, with help from Nick & Thomas Jarvis. Based on the original 2007 map by Les Hooper. Much of Millennium Wood was planted 15 to 20 years ago and has quickly achieved a level of maturity. This is complemented by blocks of ancient woodland, some conceal former stone pits with significant ground detail. The new southern extension comprises ancient woodland and fields. Note that the Blue & Green courses in particular will encounter some quite muddy & slippery sections (unless there is a heavy frost). That aside, the general runnability of the area has improved significantly since the area was last used a number of years ago.
Colour coded courses:Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue
10.1km +
Very Easy
Very Hard
Course Technical Difficulty and Length (Km) are a guide to the standard of the courses offered.


Payment dateJunior/studentSeniorFamily/group
EOD£2.00 (£2.00)£4.00 (£5.00)£4.00 (£5.00)
Non-member fees shown in brackets

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