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Night Series - Threlkeld

Night Series - Threlkeld
Thu 18th Jan 2018
Suitable for newcomersNight eventDogs are not allowed


Venue:Threlkeld Knotts
Nearest town:Keswick
Event centre:Threlkeld Quarry
Postcode:CA12 4TX
Grid reference:NY326245
Parking information:Parking at Threlkeld Quarry at GR NY326245 (follow signs from A66 along the B5322 St Johns in the Vale road just east of Keswick). A small charge (£1) may apply.
Dog rules:On lead in car park, no dogs on area.


Description:WCOC Night Series 2017-18 Third night series event of 2018. Threlkeld Knotts is an exposed, high altitude (300 m), open fell on above the quarry. The area can be very exposed in bad weather, so appropriate clothing should be worn (waterproof, etc) and may be compulsory depending on conditions. Courses close (back at Registration) at 8.30 pm. The format is the same as previous years with the events after New Year being on harder terrain offering a Nighthawk course (3-4 km) on line features for adults new to night orienteering as well as the usual Long (4-5 km) and Short (2-3 km) courses. Courses close at 8.30 pm. You will need a good lamp or light, preferably a headtorch to leave your hands free for the map and compass! The events really are great fun, and because you have to be sure of your location at all times, your orienteering skills will improve no end. The weather will generally be cold and wet, with underfoot conditions muddy, icy, or if we're very lucky snowy! The conditions will dictate the safety requirements. Clothing suitable for the terrain and conditions should be worn, so come prepared. It is recommended that you carry a whistle and spare batteries/torch. It is also advised that you wear some form of reflective clothing in the unlikely event of a search for a competitor who is hurt, unable to walk or is concussed). This shouldn’t be too difficult as most modern clothing, shoes, back packs or bum bags have some reflective sections or flashes. However, some reflective armbands will also be available at registration. Starts are from 5.45 – 7.15 pm and courses will close promptly at 8.30 pm (unless otherwise indicated at registration). Earlier starts may be allowed if the planner is ready to go. ALL COMPETITORS SHOULD ENSURE THAT THEY REGISTER BEFORE RUNNING AND HAVE RETURNED TO REGISTRATION BY THE COURSE CLOSE TIME, EVEN IF THEY HAVE NOT COMPLETED THE COURSE. If you arrive late please consider running a shorter course to ensure you have returned by course close time.
Type:Cross Country
Physical difficulty of terrain:Hard
Entry times:17:45 - 19:15
Punch type:SI
Event number:73928
Final details web page:Click here


Course description:Long ~4 - 5 km Short ~3 - 4 km Nighthawk ~3 - 4 km (easy)
10.1km +
Very Easy
Very Hard
Course Technical Difficulty and Length (Km) are a guide to the standard of the courses offered.


Payment dateJunior/studentSeniorFamily/group
£2.00 (£2.00)£3.50 (£3.50)£0.00
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