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CLOK August Weekend Day 2

CLOK August Weekend Day 2
Sun 9th Aug 2020
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Venue:Graystone Moor
Nearest town:Whitby
Event centre:Farmers Field
Postcode:YO22 4PR
Grid reference:NZ924053
Parking information:Graystone Moor is on the west side of the A171 Scarborough to Whitby road, about 4 miles south of Whitby. Please approach the event from the south, as described in the directions below, in order to avoid having to turn right across fast-moving traffic on the A171. The entrance to the parking area is at grid reference NZ 924053. The nearest postcode is YO22 4PR, but please note that this is on the other (east) side of the A171. If you're coming via the A171 from Teesside, as you arrive in Whitby turn right (south) at the roundabout just past the petrol station on the left to take the B1416 towards Ruswarp. In Ruswarp, cross the river and continue along the B1416 for aother 4.7 miles to reach the junction between the B1416 and the A171 (Sneaton Corner). There, turn left (north) on the A171. After 1.2 miles, turn left into the parking field. If you're coming via the A169 from York, just after crossing the River Esk turn right on to the B1410 towards Ruswarp. At the T-junction in Ruswarp, turn right on to the B1416 and then follow the directions above. Please take great care leaving the event. The A171 will be busy on an August Sunday and most vehicles will be travelling at 60 mph. As you exit from the parking field, please turn left on to the A171 towards Whitby. Parking will be in a farmer's field. There will not be any parking marshalls. Please park sensibly and tidily, and be aware of other people around you when you get out of your car.
Dog rules:Sorry. Dogs are not allowed at this event as it is being held in sheep country. You may leave your dog in your car but, please, with a supply of water and with a window partly open to provide ventilation.


Description:Terrain: This is a new area to orienteering, with a brand new map by Paul Taylor and views towards Whitby. Graystone Moor consists of open moorland with mixed runnability. Heather dominates on the higher parts of the moor, but it's largely mown for commercial purposes and can be very quick to run on. On the lower parts of the moor the heather is more patchy and grass becomes more dominant. Apart from one lovely pine copse, there are few trees – just a few in the valleys. The area slopes down towards the north-west and the land is dissected by many small valleys that offer interesting contour detail. The marshes in the middle part of the moor often become significant bogs as they drain into the valleys. Some of these bogs are uncrossable and are marked Out Of Bounds on the map. There are a few hazardous cliffs, some of which will have yellow hazard tape above them. Apart from the 'Coast to Coast Walk' path that crosses the moor, there are few paths. There are plenty of sheep paths, some of which have been mapped as 'less distinct paths'. Also, some tractor tracks have been mapped using the 'ride' symbol and some distinct mown strips have been mapped in 100% yellow. There are no clothing restrictions – so you can run in shorts if you wish –but be aware of occasional scratchy heather and ticks. Also be aware that sheep droppings can transmit E. coli and please be aware of adder bite symptoms. Also, please note that this is an exposed area. Wear kit appropriate to the weather conditions and temperature. Map: 1:10,000 scale 5m contours A4 size. The maps will be printed on waterproof paper. The control descriptions will be printed on the maps, and loose copies will be available. Please use the provided hand sanitiser before taking your map and control descriptions in order to avoid any risk of contaminating other people's maps or control descriptions. Facilities: There will be a toilet near the parking area. Please bring your own toilet paper and hand sanitiser. (Toilet rolls can become contaminated with coronavirus. Hand sanitiser will be provided, but it's better if you use your own to avoid having to handle a sanitiser bottle that's been used by other people.) No drinks will be provided. Please bring your own refreshments.
Type:Cross Country
Physical difficulty of terrain:Medium
Entry times:Starts: 10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Courses close at 3 p.m. On Line entry only
Punch type:SI
Competitions:UK Orienteering League
Event number:78360
Event website:Click here
Final details web page:Click here


Course description:Course Length Climb Technical difficulty Blue 7.0 km 120m TD 4/5 Green 4.3 km 90m TD 4/5 Short Green 3.0 km 65m TD 4/5 Orange 2.1 km 45m TD 3 Yellow 1.6 km 40m TD 2 The course lengths and climbs are subject to final controlling. As there are very few paths on the moor, it has not been possible to provide a White (TD 1) course. Results: As part of the arrangements to prevent the spread of coronavirus, there will be no split times printouts and there will be no results displayed at the event. Full results, split times, Splitsbrowser progressograms and RouteGadget will be available at www.clok.org.uk


Payment dateJunior/studentSeniorFamily/group
on line£2.00£7.50£0.00
Online entry via:http://www.clok.org.uk/ces_login.htm
Online entry closing date:06/08/2020

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