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Tweet Tuesday 22nd August 2017

Pre-JWOC Training Camp: Diaries of training continued...

Pre-JWOC Camp: Diary of Training


Talent Squad (M18)
Cleveland Orienteering Klub

Day 1: Monday 14 August

09:00: Wake up and breakfast at the hotel.

10:30: Sprint training at Kecskemet. 2km warm up and getting used to the heat. 2.6km Sprint at a steady pace trying to get a feel for the demands of the JWOC Sprint area. 2km cool-down and rehydrating as much as possible post training.

12:00: Lunch and a drive around the JWOC Sprint embargo trying to pick up relevant information from what we can see.

13:00: Middle training at Bosca. Very sandy open terrain covered in a labyrinth of scattered trees. One course with SI again at a fairly high pace to pick up on the very unique challenges of the area and get used to the mapping. Some very tough controls. 3km on warm up and warm down.

17:30: Recovery swim back near the hotel getting some time away from the heat.

18:30: Dinner.

20:00: Group analysis of the days training; using GPS and Splits and specific learning points highlighted again.

21:00: Individual talk through with coach about my training plan from now until JEC.

22:00: Relax and bed.

Day 2: Tuesday 15 August

08:00: Breakfast.

10:00: Long training at Izsac. Long style course taken in a group of four of us at once. Trying to look at route-choices both macro and micro running between each other and regrouping at certain points. Had to cut slightly short as suffering from blisters due to the sandy terrain.

12:00: Lunch.

13:00: Afternoon session was a middle style course at Kaskantyu. I chose not to run to give my blisters some time to heal as the area was less relevant to the JWOC terrains. Spent time thinking about plans and strategies for the course.

18:30: Dinner.

19:30: GPS analysis in groups for both sessions and then team briefing where we summarised the learning from each area.

22:00: Relax and bed.

Day 3: Wednesday 16 August

08:00: Breakfast.

10:00: Relay training Zsana simulating 2nd and 3rd Leg Relay so setting people out in small packs 30seconds apart. Trying to get used to the fast paced intensity of the open scrubby terrain.

12:00: Lunch and travel to Szeged.

14:00: Sprint training. A local Sprint with SI again getting used to the Sprint planning and terrain challenges that will be critical at JWOC. This really helped me pick out some things that were affecting my own performance like hesitations around olive green and cornering.

16:30: Rest and recovery in the local spa.

18:30: Dinner.

20:30: Team analysis using GPS of the two sessions and then a team meeting discussing terrain and route selection on the area.

22:30: Relax and bed.

Day 4: Thursday 17 August

09:00: Breakfast and easy morning as many of the athletes received A-level results. Had a swim and walk into the town of Kiskunhalas.

12:00: Lunch on the way to near the Long area of Pirto.

14:00: Long course of 11.1km on a highly relevant terrain. This was taken at a high intensity and helped me understand how the heat and open terrain would affect my orienteering performance. It turned out to make decision making much more difficult and my technique came under stress which I had to learn to deal with. We also tested route-choices in the terrain to help when we are running the JWOC Long.

16:30: Rest and recovery with the second visit to the pool complex of the day ensuring to hydrate well.

18:30: Dinner.

20:30: Debrief of the Long course with GPS of the route-choices.

22:30: Relax before bed.

Day 5: Friday 18 August

08:00: Breakfast.

10:00: Returned to the Middle training area Bosca. I re-ran the course from the first day to try and correct the mistakes that I made on the first day. This was the final chance to experiment with navigation on the tricky labyrinth style terrain and for me, this training was to hammer home some of the lessons that we had learnt during the week.

12:00: Lunch.

13:00: Returned to the Long training area Pirto. After a heavy week, Alex Carcas and I went for a walk in the terrain to take photos of important features and terrain types. This was all to help with remembering some of the interesting things we had mentioned during the week so that we could refresh before JWOC next year.

16:30: Final swim and recovery session.

18:30: Dinner.

20:30: Final team meeting. Having a look at the competition area maps and discussing similarities with what we had trained on during the week.

22:00: Relax before a late night travel home.


Read Fiona Bunn's training camp diary here.

Paul Murgatroyd, British Orienteering's Head Coach for Talent, said:  “This was a fantastic week of training in preparation for our JWOC 2018 campaign and all the athletes selected for this tour acquitted themselves remarkably well, given the challenges of both the terrain and the climate. The forests around Kecskemet had a unique diversity of terrain types, which very few of the current group have experienced before, but, after a week of intense reconnaissance, the team were feeling much more confident about what technical and physical preparation they will need to undertake over the coming months in order to be successful at JWOC next summer.”


Thank you, Fiona and Aidan! This is really insightful. We wish you both and all of British Orienteering Talent Squad athletes all the very best with your on-going orienteering training.