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Tweet Monday 9th October 2017

Junior Home Internationals 2017 – England in narrow win!

England took the win by just 3 points at the Junior Home Internationals in Dolgellau, mid-Wales at the weekend 7-8 October. They went into the lead after the individual day on Saturday, and although Scotland put up a good fight, winning both Junior Men’s & Women’s Relays on Sunday, England won overall.

Wales and Ireland shared 3rd place with some good Irish runners in the individual race, and the Welsh performing well in the Relays.

The win by England means they have won all three Home International matches this year – Juniors, Seniors and Veterans.

Congratulations to all teams.


Summary results for Junior Home Internationals 2017:

  England Scotland Ireland Wales
Individual 80 73 34 28
Relay 50 54 16 22
Overall 130 127 50 50

Full results available at

England team
Scotland team
Ireland team
Wales team

All photos kindly supplied by Wendy Carlyle


British Orienteering would like to take this opportunity to thank Mid-Wales Orienteering Club for organising this superb event and congratulate all of the teams who took part.