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Tweet Monday 13th November 2017

British Schools Orienteering Championships 2017 this Sunday!

Saturday 18 November 2017 TRAINING Event: 
Cannop Ponds, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.

Sunday 19 November 2017 CHAMPIONSHIPS: 
New Beechenhurst (South-West), Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. 

Organised by  Bristol Orienteering Klub and supported by the British Schools Orienteering Association.

Now in its 31st year, we see the British Schools Orienteering Championships return to New Beechenhurst for the first time since 2002 next weekend. With over 90 schools and over 450 competitors taking part, it will be an exciting weekend of racing to see which schools take the trophies.  With school start times spread across the morning, it's unlikely we will know who the winners are until the last runners are in.

British Schools Orienteering Championships 2017

New Beechenhurst is typical Forest of Dean terrain with a network of paths, some steep slopes, ditches and streams. The area will require the children to use their navigation skills while running around this lovely forest. With the Autumn leaves on the trees and ground the area looks lovely.

Event Organiser Richard Rossington of Bristol Orienteering Klub, said:  "Bristol Orienteering Klub are really looking forward to showing off the Forest of Dean to young orienteers from across Britain.  Carol Iddles has worked hard to plan challenging and enjoyable courses for all levels on what we expect to be a great day - and hope to be a fine one! Peter Maliphant's Saturday training courses will be excellent preparation, in similar terrain very close by at Cannop. See you at the weekend!"

British Schools Orienteering Association, said:  "British Schools Orienteering Association are delighted to see so many children from across the whole country taking part in this year's British Schools Orienteering Championships.  We hope the children all have a fantastic weekend and the weather is good.  On behalf of British Schools Orienteering Association, a huge thank you to Bristol Orienteering Klub and their volunteers for taking on this event and putting on the training event the day before.  Good luck everyone!"

Final Details can be found - here.

Officials for the Saturday Training Event: 
Planner: Pete Maliphant (Bristol Orienteering Klub)
Organiser:  Pete Maliphant (Bristol Orienteering Klub) with Richard Rossington (Bristol Orienteering Klub)
Safety Officer:  Richard Rossington (Bristol Orienteering Klub).

Officials for the Sunday British Schools Orienteering Championships: 
Planner:  Carol Iddles (Bristol Orienteering Klub)
Organiser:  Richard Rossington (Bristol Orienteering Klub) 
Controller:  John Fallows (North Gloucestershire Orienteering Club) 
Safety Officer: Mike Forrest (Bristol Orienteering Klub). 

British Orienteering would like to take this opportunity to thank all volunteers from Bristol Orienteering Klub and other clubs for spending their time putting on this event and ensuring that this is a great weekend of orienteering event for all to enjoy.  Best wishes to all who are travelling to compete at this year's British Schools Orienteering Championships Final and training event this weekend. Fingers crossed for sunny weather!