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Tweet Thursday 15th March 2018

Association Club Employer Liability Insurance – includes work by Volunteers

It is important to be aware that your Association or Club should carry the same duty of care towards a volunteer as it would towards an employee.

It is great and very acceptable when a volunteer carries out work on behalf of the Association/Club. For example, volunteers helping at an orienteering event or helping-out with practice sessions on club nights. However, it must be understood that the club has the same duty of care for all their volunteers as it does for paid employees. 

Every now and then volunteers can be at risk of personal injury and if they suffer an injury that results from the work they are carrying out on the Association/Club's behalf and under the committee’s instruction this could manifest itself as an Employers’ Liability claim against the Association/Club. 

In such circumstances, the club would be indemnified by its Employers’ Liability insurance.

It is important that this is clearly understood by Associations/Clubs. 

Here are a set of Frequently Asked Questions with the aim of providing more detailed information.

Club Employer Liability Insurance - includes work by Volunteers

What does British Orienteering need from all clubs?

If your Association or Club employs staff (pays a wage rather than employs in a voluntary capacity) please can you email the National Office,,  providing the member of staff’s Employee Registration Number (ERN) which will be passed on to our insurers.

Please note: It is your club’s responsibility to ensure that the National Office is notified of any changes when they happen throughout the year. Email:

It is vitally important that this information is acted upon and treated as urgently as possible. We would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation and look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Many thanks. 

Peter Hart

Chief Executive