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Tweet Thursday 5th April 2018

TrailO at the JK

Two challenging TrailO competitions were held at the JK: TempO on Day 1 and PreO on Day 3. There were 80 competitors for the TempO, and in the PreO there were 48 in the Elite class and 29 doing the Standard.

The TempO competition resulted in an outstanding victory for Matthew Leitch of Edinburgh University Orienteering Club. He was not the fastest on the course but had a correct answer for 26 out of the 30 tasks - two more than anyone else. Second-placed was University of Bristol Orienteering Club member Matthew Pickering, who was fast but had 7 errors on the course. The next four places went to well-experienced trail orienteers: John Kewley Manchester and District Orienteering Club (MDOC), Nick Barrable South Yorkshire Orienteers (SYO), Anne Straube Octavian Droobers (OD) and Ian Ditchfield Mole Valley Orienteering Club (MV). Dick Keighley Wimborne Orienteers (WIM) was the best of the Paralympic competitors. 

Competitors taking part in TempO on Day 1 at the JK2018.  Photo credits:  Andy Johnson

In the PreO, Peter Huzan South London Orienteers and Wayfarers (SLOW) significantly advanced his credentials in trail orienteering with a narrow victory over John Kewley. Both scored 17 points out of the possible 20 and both made some mistakes at the timed controls. Three participants scored 16, with Scott Collier Cornwall Orienteering Club (KERNO) seeing the timed controls through without fault to take third place ahead of Nick Barrable South Yorkshire Orienteers (SYO) and Ruth Harris Deeside Orienteering Club (DEE). Sixth was Rob Hickling Grampian Orienteers (GRAMP) with 15 points and error-free timed controls. Leading Paralympic competitor here was Peter Roberts Eborienteers (EBOR).

Competitors competing in the PreO event on Day 3 at the JK2018.  Photo credits:  Andy Johnson

Overall Organiser:
Day 1 - SPRINT (MOD Stafford):
Temp-O   Graham Urquhart  (OD)

Day 3 - LONG (Beaudesert/Brereton Hayes): 
Pre-O  Graham Urquhart (OD)

Other Key Officials:
Iain Phillips LEI (Planner, TempO)
Liz Urquhart (Planner, PreO)
Peter Hornsby LEI
Anne Straube OD
Charles Bromley Gardner BAOC.

British Orienteering would like to thank Graham Urquhart (OD) the overall Organiser and all other key officials who did great work in putting on these two challenging TrailO competitions at the JK this year.  Congratulations to all who took part and to the winners who are highlighted in the above report. 


Results can be found in the results section of the JK website