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Tweet Wednesday 2nd May 2018

GB Runners run at Tio Mila 2018

Fourteen GB Elites joined their Scandinavian clubs last weekend to run in the famous Swedish Mass Relay Tio Mila, taking place at Nynäshamn, near Stockholm. The weekend comprised of 3 Relays: youth, women and open races.

The name “Tio Mila” literally means “10 miles”, referring to a Swedish mile of 10km. The main race is run over 10 Legs, through the night into the next day, the distance totalling 100km. Women and youth races are shorter and run in daylight.

Notable GB performances included Jo Shepherd and Hollie Orr running with Halden SK, finishing in 3rd place. Sasha Chepelin also ran for Halden SK in the Open Relay on the 9th Leg, helping the team to 9th position.

The area was classic east coast Swedish terrain, complex enough to challenge all the runners.

Summary of GB Squad Results

There were exactly 1,000 teams entered in the five relays: youth, women's, open.

Women's Race

  • Halden SK 1 with Jo Shepherd (Leg 3) and Hollie Orr (Leg 4) were 3rd.
  • Lillomarka OL 1 with Charlotte Watson (Leg 4) were 7th.
  • Domnarvets GOIF 1 with Jessica Tullie (Leg 3) were 35th.
  • OK Södertörn 1 with Cat Taylor (Leg 3) were 36th.
  • Rajamäen Rykmentti with Megan Carter-Davies (Leg 5) were 38th.

Men's Race

  • Halden SK 1 with Sasha Chepelin (Leg 9) were 10th.
  • Södertälje-Nykvarn OF 1 with Ralph Street (Leg 8) were 12th.
  • IFK Lidingö SOK 1 with Hector Haines (Leg 4 - Long night) were 18th.
  • Nydalens Skiklub 1 with Alan Cherry (Leg 4 - Long night) were 24th.
  • Lillomarka OL 1 with Kris Jones (Leg 1), Matt Speake (Leg 2), Peter Hodkinson (Leg 9), Ali McLeod (Leg 10) were 32nd.
Excerpt from Leg 4 – the “Long Night”

English juniors stepped up to the challenge

Several juniors were also active at the weekend running at Tio Mila.

Frank Townley (Southern Navigators), Caitlin Irving (West Cumberland Orienteering Club), Anna Harris (Deeside orienteering Club) and Joe Sunley (West Cumberland Orienteering Club) formed a team of four to run in the Junior Tio Mila race.  All ran well in the intricate terrain.

Adam Conway (Guildford Orienteers) ran for the Norwegian Club Kongsberg 1st team, helping them finish on the podium in 7th place out of 338 entered teams. He ran the second Leg, bringing his team up from 25th to 8th place.

Two other juniors, Joe Hudd and Charlie Rennie from West Cumberland Orienteering Club, then ran with the others as part of a team in the main overnight adult Relay. Joe ran the first Leg in the mass start starting at 8.30pm and with courses ranging from 7-15km, the team did a magnificent job, everyone playing their part. Three parents made up the numbers to form a team of ten runners.

“It was a great learning experience for us all”, said Adam Conway (Guildford Orienteers). “The combination of complex terrain, large mass starts, night & day Legs, Long distances and teamwork was truly epic”.


All results are available here.

10MILA website here.