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Tweet Wednesday 6th June 2018

Volunteering, what could you do?

It’s National Volunteering Week, but what is it and why is it important?

Volunteering takes many forms in any sport and within Orienteering is fundamental to Orienteers enjoying the sport every week. Defined, it is simply someone who gives up their time for the benefit of others.

There are many different reasons people volunteer, such as;

  • They want to give something back to the club who’s supported them within the sport,
  • They have specific skills that will help the club grow,
  • There’s a personal opportunity to learn new skills,
  • The chance to meet new people,
  • The buzz of an event day and seeing the enjoyment of others,
  • The love of the sport.

In Orienteering this vital and hardworking network can be obvious such as the person at the registration desk giving you your map, to the hidden volunteers planning or organising your course to the club treasurer. Each role plays its part and there’s always something for anyone to get involved with.

Clubs are always on the lookout for extra people to assist their existing volunteers. So, what could you do? This all depends on you, your time available and what you want to do. Event days are a busy time and often the more people helping out the better, do you have a spare hour to help on registration while you wait for someone to complete their course or could you help collect controls in post-event? You could even shadow an event organiser or planner to take on the role in the future? Away from events are you a good trainer and could you become a coach? To even taking on an available committee position. The opportunities are vast, and they’ll be something to suit you.

To get involved simply speak to a member of your club committee or at your next club event and they’ll be happy and very grateful to hear from you.