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Tweet Thursday 31st May 2018

The Scottish Orienteering Championships 2018 (UKOL) - Long distance event

The Scottish Orienteering Championships 2018 including a UKOL event were held over Achagour & Dulsie, just southwest of Darnaway but very different in character. Parts of Achagour were first used by M/W21E at the Scottish 6 Days in 2013 (Day 6), and again at Highland 2015 (Day 1). The map was revised and extended by Stirling Surveys, especially the area of Dulsie, an extensive young commercial pine forest.

A glance at Achagour (Archagour on the Ordnance Survey map) confirms the presence of substantial amounts of water, and thanks go to Cindy Mackintosh and her father Stewart for allowing us to use the area adjacent to the Trout Fishery for parking and the race arena. The source of the water was fairly obvious to everyone running out over an extensive area of bog west of the ponds all the way out to the Newlands of Fleenas Wood.

Achagour is a delight for those interested in mosses and liverworts, with the more elevated areas supporting a profusion of Ulex europaeus which with its distinctive yellow flowers was very easy to match up with the green splodges on the map. Attempting to force a way through these shrubs proved challenging if indeed you managed to successfully cross the bogs defending the high ground.

Photo credits:  Wendy Carlyle

Inverness Orienteering Club (INVOC) under the leadership of Kevin Holliday took over the organisation of the event, finally erecting marquees in the arena when less windy conditions prevailed. Laurence Cload planned the range of challenging and physically demanding courses, with Controller Richard Oxlade of Grampian Orienteers / Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club (GRAMP/ESOC) feeling that he had benefited from a significant work out over the weekend.


Simple results and split times
All Results (pdf)

Hosted by: INVOC

Organisers: Kevin Holliday and Guy Seaman, INVOC
Planner: Laurence Cload, INVOC
Controller: Richard Oxlade, GRAMP

British Orienteering would like to thank Kevin Holliday and all volunteers from INVOC, GRAMP and surrounding clubs for all their hard work in organising this event which forms part of the UK Orienteering League.   


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