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Tweet Thursday 14th June 2018

GBR Talent Squad Member - Training Camp Diary #2: Emma Wilson (Clyde and Edinburgh University Orienteering Club)

Jennie Taylor Communications Officer at British Orienteering caught up with a couple of the athletes who attended the recent Balmoral Talent Training Camp.  

Emma Wilson (Clyde and Edinburgh University Orienteering Club) kindly agreed to write a diary account of her time at the recent Talent Training Camp. 

Read Emma's account:

Name: Emma Wilson

Member of the Talent Squad

Orienteering Club: Clyde and Edinburgh University Orienteering Club

Talent Training Camp, Balmoral, Scotland

Friday 18 - Sunday 20 May 2018.


Day 1:  Friday 18 May 2018


Got the minibus from Edinburgh to Kingdrogan.


Light dinner.


Introductory meeting from Paul Murgatroyd Head Coach about the weekend’s logistics, followed by a contest quiz, organised by Head Technical Coach Mark Nixon on the new ISOM control descriptions with the grand prize of a watermelon.


Free time.


Day 2:  Saturday 19 May 2018




The Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) athletes had an important meeting with Paul about the challenges caused by racing in the extreme heat of Hungary during the summer. We discussed how to prepare beforehand, such as by training in a heat chamber and coping strategies for between the races, such as replenishing electrolytes constantly.


Then we had a meeting about some of the pressures associated with completing at international competitions lead by Mark. Since the camp was a mixture of first time and returning GB athletes, we shared our experiences to help prepare for the upcoming races.


Set off to the British Championships at Balmoral.


Balmoral’s steep and rocky terrain accompanied by the gorgeous weather made for a very physically and challenging race. Not my best run but at least it was good preparation for Hungary. Despite recognising one of my pictorial description we were shown last night, I failed once again to remember it. At least now I will never forget the symbol for a cairn.




Next was the JWOC technical preparation meeting by Mark which I found particularly useful having not been to Hungary before. As a group, we talked through what to expect from the mapping, areas and the key techniques needed to successfully orienteer.


I met with Heather, a coach on the camp, to discuss my physical and technical training plan for the 7 weeks between the camp and JWOC. Being a physio, she also gave me some useful advice on my injury.


Quick chat with Paul about my plan for JWOC and how I am feeling about the races.


Day 3: Sunday 20 May 2018




Travel to Torphantrick for British Relays.


Great little fast area perfect for a technical relay, allowing me to practice my orienteering at race pace. My Edinburgh University Orienteering Club (EUOC) team did well, setting me off in podium position and despite one rookie error, when I thought I had crossed a major ride before I actually had, I brought the team back in 2nd place.


Home time.

Thank you, Emma.  Congratulations!  We wish you well with your final preparations.


The Junior World Orienteering Championships 2018 will be held in Kecskemet, Hungary from 8-15 July 2018.

More information about the Junior World Orienteering Championships can be found here.