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Tweet Thursday 5th July 2018

Top quality races designed to find the best Sprint and Middle-distance Orienteers in Britain

British Sprint Championships 2018: 
University of Bath, Saturday 1st September 2018.

British Middle Championships 2018: 
Stockhill, near Wells in Somerset, Sunday 2nd September 2018.

Both events have been carefully planned to provide top-quality races in the most challenging and intricate locations, to test the most experienced orienteers purely designed to find the best orienteers in each age class in the country.

The grounds of the University of Bath are looking beautiful with the flowers and trees in full bloom and the students slowly disappearing for the summer, and the woodlands of Stockhill are filled with ferns and foxgloves with the sun shining through the trees heavily laden with green leaves.

The excitement is now building to find out who the British Sprint and Middle-distance Orienteering Champions are going to be. 


If you want to compete with the best British orienteers in your age class, Entries are now open at SiEntries for the British Sprint and Middle distance Championships 2018 which BOK and NGOC are jointly hosting on behalf of British Orienteering and the South West Orienteering Association.






British Sprint Championships 2018

University of Bath, Saturday 1st September

The heats for the British Sprint Championships will take place in the morning with the final taking place in the afternoon. Situated on the east side of Bath, the University is a wonderful location for sprint racing around the complex university campus full of accommodation blocks, teaching departments, faculty buildings, and other student amenities; libraries, theatres, canteens, car parks and sports facilities all within beautifully kept green open spaces.

The University of Bath Sports Centre provides an excellent assembly area with indoor changing facilities, showers and catering, including a cafe with outside seating on the large balcony overlooking the final controls and finish.

Start times will be allocated based on class and rankings and will not be changeable. First starts will not be before 10am and are located just 250m from Assembly. Starts for the Finals are 700m from the Assembly and the prize giving will be around 4pm.

For non-championship runners, White, Yellow and Orange courses will be available in the morning both in advance and on the day.

Parking is available in a Pay and Display car park just 500 m away from the Assembly but is limited, so if possible please arrive by public transport or car share. Buses run frequently from the train station and city centre and the journey takes only 22 min.

University of Bath



British Middle Championships 2018,

Stockhill, near Wells in Somerset, Sunday 2nd September

The British Middle Championships event at Stockhill near Wells in Somerset is a middle-distance race in intricate woodland in an old mining area. An excellent Assembly field has been located right next to the competition area with the access to the Start about 300m away.

The map has recently been completely updated by Dave Peel and the run-in for all courses can be easily viewed from the Assembly area with space for Club tents all along one side of the run-in. There will be two catering outlets and Ultrasport will be attending.

Start times will be allocated based on rankings and will not be changeable. Starts will be between 10.00am and 14.00pm with courses closing at 15.00pm. All seeded competitors will start before 13.30pm so that we can have prize giving at 14.30pm.

White, Yellow and Orange courses will again be available for non-Championship runners with entry on the day or in advance. Split Starts are available to parents - they will both have an Open start time, unless they are seeded.

Parking for cars will be in the main field, right next to Assembly - so long as we have had a dry August! There will be permits for the over-80 competitors and for families with children under 5. The Assembly field and parking is on the eastern side of the wood; there is a 300m walk to the starts from the Assembly field.

Currently all camper vans will be parked on nearby woodland tracks with an approximately 800m walk to Assembly - this may change if the ground is very dry. Their access is on the west side of the wood. Please note that there is no parking anywhere for Coaches.

Entrance to the Assembly/ parking field is a left turn off the B3135. You may only approach from the southeast; no right turns will be permitted. You may not exit until after 13.30pm and you will then need to turn left only. This is because the entrance is off a narrow very fast country road. Stockhill Wood will effectively be a large anti clockwise roundabout!

Andy Monro and his team will be providing the commentary at both events and medals will be awarded by well-known personalities.

Both events will use SPORTident controls with contactless dibbing enabled for speedy racing. SI or SIAC dibbers may also be used. SI and SIAC dibbers are available for hire with pre-entries but only dibbers will be available for hire on the day.

There is a wide range of accommodation available in Bath and the surrounding area and there are also many things to do before or after your orienteering. Further details are on Bath's Official Tourism Site


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