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Tweet Thursday 19th July 2018

#1 Kristian Jones: Selected for World Orienteering Championships 2018

Athlete Name: Kristian Jones

Age: 27

Club: Forth Valley Orienteers, Lillomarka OL (Oslo, Norway)



Congratulations on your selection to compete for GBR at the 2018 World Orienteering Championships.

Please tell us...

Who was the first person you told the news to about being selected for the World orienteering Championships?
KJ:  "I can't remember. I was confident that I would be selected after my performances at the JK and the European Championships so to have it confirmed was nice, but it wasn't particularly memorable at this stage of my orienteering career."

What made you choose orienteering over any of the other available sports?
KJ:  "I did a fair amount of sport when I was younger, but I wasn't ever all that good. I got better at orienteering around the age of 14 and, after seeing that I was quite good at it, orienteering quite quickly became the main focus."

Kristian Jones

Where is your favourite place to orienteer?
KJ:  "I like orienteering on new areas more than I particularly have a favourite place."

What is your favourite training session?
KJ:  "I like the routine of training more than anything. Whilst I enjoy hard track sessions and long runs, I also enjoy the 'filler' of recovery running and easier sessions which makes up a week."

How are you preparing for the World Championships in August?
KJ:  "I've mostly been based at home since the European Championships and I've been training hard to make sure that I will be in good physical shape to compete. Now, in the last few weeks, orienteering technique training will be a much bigger focus so that I reach the start-line confident in my orienteering."

Who or what will be your biggest threat?
KJ:  "I think the biggest threats to a good performance are often simple lapses in concentration or judgement, so much of the focus in the run up to the races will be on getting the mindset right."


Thank you Kris. Congratulations again on being selected to compete in the World Orienteering Championships. We wish you all the best with the rest of your preparation and will be cheering you on during the World Orienteering Championships!


More information about the 2018 World Orienteering Championships can be found here.