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Tweet Wednesday 1st August 2018

#10: Jo Shepherd: Selected to compete in the World Orienteering Championships 2018

WOC 2018 Selected athlete interviews

Athlete Name: Jo Shepherd

Age: 26

Club: INVOC (UK), Halden SK (Norway)



Congratulations on your selection to compete for GBR at the 2018 World Orienteering Championships.

Who was the first person you told the news to about being selected for the World orienteering Championships?
JS:  "My coach, Eva Jurenikova."

What made you choose orienteering over any of the other available sports? 
JS:  "The fun I had with the Scottish Junior Orienteering Squad (ScotJOS) - especially the summer tours to Scandinavia - really put orienteering above other sports."

Jo Shepherd

Where is your favourite place to orienteer?
JS: "Halden, Norway - there is an abundance of beautiful technical terrain and high-quality maps. I have now been living here for 3 years."  

What is your favourite training session?
JS:  "It's too hard to choose! We have so many great trainings in our club program. I tend to prefer technical trainings over running sessions but it's also hard to beat a long run with good company or the feeling of completing a tough intervals session. I really enjoy specific- or multi-technique sessions (e.g. contour-only, control-pick, long-legs, corridor, windows) and O-intervals (day or night, individual or forked mass-start)." 

How are you preparing for the World Championships in August?
JS:  "My specific technical preparation included a training camp in Latvia with some other GB athletes to get a better understanding of the vegetation and mapping style. After Latvia, I had an altitude training camp in the Alps and I will soon start an intervals-block before the final taper to WOC. Challenging the body can get the best response from it but I also have to be careful not to do too much. I'm really lucky that Eva joined me in the Alps and has worked with me closely on my training plan."

Who or what will be your biggest threat?
JS:  "It can be challenging to decide the best routes in this terrain-type so the training camp in Latvia gave me a lot of useful feedback that I will take into my final preparations." 


Thank you, Jo. Congratulations again on being selected to compete in the World Orienteering Championships.

We wish you all the best with the rest of your preparation!