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Tweet Monday 6th August 2018

World TrailO Championships 2018, Daugavpils, Latvia

Most of the British TrailO team plus a few other squad members had warmed up for the 2018 World Championships in Latvia, by competing in the Falco Cup event in Klaipeda in neighbouring Lithuania during the previous week. This event also hosted a round of the European TrailO Cup, and all three days were on forested sand dune terrain, very similar to that being used for the World Championships. It was a good, tough competition in very high temperatures, often well above 30C.

In the PreO competition, best placed Brits were Charles Bromley-Gardner

(BAOC) 8th, Tom Dobra (UBOC) 9th and John Kewley (MDOC) 16th in the Open class, whilst Dick Keighley (WIM) was b16th in the Paralympic class.

Charles Bromley Gardner, in 6th place, was the best performer in the TempO competition.

The British TrailO team have now arrived in Latvia, for the World TrailO Championships 2018. This is being held in Daugavpils, Latvia's second largest city in the East of Latvia, near the border with Lithuania and Belorussia, whilst the World FootO Championships are being held concurrently in Riga, Latvia's capital, in the West.

Sunday's event was a model for both the first PreO event on Tuesday and also for Monday's TempO competition to be held in the historic Daugavpils Fortress. Unfortunately, the team got caught in a heavy thunderstorm whilst they were in the forest, other teams who had earlier or later time slots, escaped the worst of the rain.

The GB team for the TempO event today is Nick Barrable (SYO), Ian Ditchfield (MV), Tom Dobra (UBOC/BOK) and John Kewley (MDOC). The morning qualifying event comprises 6 stations with 4 problems per station. The afternoon final has 5 stations of 5 problems.