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Tweet Friday 10th August 2018

PreO Day 2 at the World Trail Orienteering Championships

On a day of blazing sunshine Team GB faced an extremely tough challenge in the complex mix of woodland and sand quarries provided by Jauna Forstate, the venue for the second part of the PreO competition.

Only nine competitors scored the maximum 33 correct controls, Annti Rusanen of Finland just beating Jan Furucz of Slovakia to take 1st place on the day. Tom Dobra, with 31 correct controls, was best placed Team GB member, 24th on the day but 16th overall- well done Tom! Nick Barrable, with 30 correct, came 34th, both on the day and overall, while John Kewley, with 29 correct, came 38th on the day and 46th overall. In the public competition held on the same course later in the day, Ian Ditchfield, Graham Urquhart and Colin Duckworth had a good day, scoring 31, 27 and 25 respectively.

In the Paralympic class, Dick Keighley came 26th (27th out of 40 overall). Conditions were particularly hard for the Paras, the blazing heat making the extra time allowance almost a disadvantage, and all came in hot and tired.

Friday 10th sees WTOC end in style with a remarkably complicated Relay event. It's an 8:30 am quarantine for Nick Barrable, Ian Ditchfield and Tom Dobra! We wish them the best of luck