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Tweet Friday 4th January 2019

Working Group to Consider Future Strategy for the Funding of the Performance Pathway

Sport England ceased to give financial support to the Performance Programme in 2017. It is likely that they will withdraw the current funding from the Talent Programme in 2021.

This will then be the first time for at least 20 years that the Performance Pathway of British Orienteering has been without significant funding from statutory bodies such as UK Sport and the four Home Nation Sports Councils.* This is, therefore, an appropriate time for a thorough review of the performance part of the “Orienteering Development Pathway – Learning to train through to performing at World class level.”

The talent and performance steering group have asked Mark Saunders (BOK/SWOC) to set up a small working group to carry out such a review including consulting widely with all stakeholders - Athletes, Leaders, Coaches, Parents and others.

The review will consider:

  • The aim of the Performance Pathway – taking as a starting point output from the 2018 Clubs and Association conference.
    (Conference notes can be found here).
  • Guiding principles.
  • Current situation and issues.
  • Potential solutions and their evaluation.
  • Funding.

In the first place, Mark is looking for expressions of interest from any members who would like to be part of such a working group. Please email Mark at by 25th January 2019.

Terms of reference for the Working Group including timescales can be seen here.  

* Note. Whilst the working assumption is that there will be little or no external funding from the likes of Sport England, this should not be taken to mean that British Orienteering has given up trying to get such funding.