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Tweet Sunday 20th January 2019

Club Matters release great club resources!

Over the past few months, Club Matters have released some great videos and podcasts on a range of topics such as:

This year Club Matters are looking to build a content plan for the next 5 -10 months that will look to provide great advice and guidance for clubs across the country. As part of this, they would like to support British Orienteering and Orienteering Clubs more and see where there are further opportunities for sharing across all of our platforms. 

Great videos and podcasts on a range of topics

The structure of the content plan is hoped to be shared later in January.  If your club has any plans across the year for club development or campaigns then please get in touch. 

Do you have a topic you would like them to discuss in their new videos or podcasts? If so, please email: using the subject ‘Club Matters podcast’.

Alternatively, you can tweet your interest @ClubMatters or contact them via their facebook page @SportEnglandClubMatters

If you wish to discuss anything about the above and development of your club email: