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Tweet Friday 15th February 2019

JK 2019 Key Date Fast Approaching!

A reminder about the JK International Festival of Orienteering being held in Southern England this Easter. 

Prices rise on Sunday 24th February, just a few days away.  If you have not yet entered, now is the time to do so.

And if you have already entered, have you ordered a JK O-top? The production process takes several weeks, so the JK organising team will be placing their order with the manufacturers in late February.  If you have already ordered your O-top, or do so by 24th February, then you will be guaranteed to get the size you ordered.  The JK team will order a few extra of each size but, if you try to order after the 24th, you may be unlucky.  So it’s best to order now.

If you have already entered the JK, and now want to order an O-top, just follow the instructions on the Jk website here.

A quick reminder about this year’s JK is given below.

Three of the four competition areas are very close together, near to Farnborough / Aldershot, whilst the Long race on Sunday is near Newbury (an easy hour’s drive away). Parking and starts are less than 500m from Assembly on all days.

Friday’s Sprint race and Saturday’s Middle-Distance race are IOF World Ranking Events. In addition, all three individual days will form part of 2019’s UK Elite Orienteering League and the UK Orienteering League. All four days will use Emit touch-free punching.

There will be two Trail Orienteering (TrailO) events: TempO on Friday, and PreO on Saturday. Both will be within walking distance of the Foot Orienteering event centres. The JK19 TrailO competitions will also be the first British events ever to be part of the European Cup in Trail Orienteering. We very much hope that a good proportion of FootO competitors will take part in the TrailO competitions.

Details of JK 2019 can be seen on the JK website

Please read the notes on the JK2019 website entries page before you start the entry process.

Individual: enter

Relay (team managers only): enter