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Tweet Tuesday 5th March 2019

Incredible performance from Megan Carter-Davies today!

Exciting chasing start for the Long-distance final race of Portugal O Meeting today.

Megan Carter-Davies came 2nd in the overall Portugal 'O' Meeting (POM) title and 1st in time in today’s Long race.

Megan caught up 6 mins today on Johanna Oberg who came first in POM overall.

Megan Carter-Davies (photo by Ricardo Carvalho)

Albin Ridefelt and Megan Carter-Davies are the winners of the second day of Portugal ‘O’ Meeting 2019.

The Portugal "O" Meeting is the biggest event of orienteering in Portugal. 

The Portugal 'O' Meeting moved to the map of “Quiaios” to hold the second stage of the competition. Today’s main protagonists were Albin Ridefelt (OPOR OK Linné) and Megan Carter-Davies (Rajamaen Rykmentti), the winners of the man and women elite classes.

The current overall leaders of POM, after two stages are now Max Peter Bejmer (OPOR IFK Göteborg) and Rebecka Heinrup (Tullinge SK).

Megan was also first in the night race and first in one of the Middle races - good start to the season!  

There were also some other good GB results. 

You can check the full results (final results to be published soon) and maps.


Congratulations Megan!