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Tweet Friday 10th May 2019

Volunteering Webinar Needs You

On Thursday 23rd May at 7 pm, the next British Orienteering webinar goes live and is around the hot topic of volunteering within your club.

We have an informative session planned with special guest Jenny Betteridge, Strategic Lead for Volunteering at Sport England, joining us to provide her perspective and experience of volunteering outside of our sport. 

As with any topic such as this, the content and discussions could go on for hours, so we’d like you to play your part and let us know the key concerns and things you’d want to hear. We’ll then ensure your questions play a central role in the content and discussions throughout the evening. 

Next webinar - 23 May at 7pm:  Growing your clubs volunteers

To give you an idea of what you could send in, have a look at the point below which has already been sent in; 

One of the challenges for many clubs is that they have a small band of volunteers who suffer from 'fatigue' and 'burn out' so it can be a vicious circle getting started as to grow volunteers takes time and effort from existing volunteers.  Any strategies for getting around this and also preventing this from becoming an issue?  

To send in your question in advance please email it to Peter Brooke

To register and watch the webinar either live or as a recording, follow the link below;  

Growing your clubs volunteers