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Tweet Friday 31st May 2019

Get involved in National Volunteering Week

Tomorrow, Saturday 1 June, sees the launch of National Volunteering week and British Orienteering will be playing its part to celebrate our volunteers across the country and the crucial role they play. Volunteers week was first launched in 1984 by Volunteering England and is a time to say thank you and recognise the many volunteers across the country who ensure thousands of people can enjoy sport and many other recreational activities every day.  

This week, we’ll be sharing news stories, highlighting the good work that takes place and how you can get involved in volunteering now and in the future. We also want you to get involved in celebrating volunteers on social media. 

How can you play your part this week? 

Getting involved is easy and there are two big ways you can join in; 

Saying Thank You; 

It sounds obvious, but how often are we all guilty of simply getting our results and heading straight for our car? Or only saying thank you to the last volunteer you see? By taking only a couple of extra minutes to seek out those who are crucial to running your event, you can make a positive difference. 

Getting involved on social media; 

Let’s all get involved and using the hashtag #volunteersweek say thank you at any events or coaching session you’re attending. Let’s see a takeover of messages and photos of the volunteers that have made your event. Make sure you use the hashtag #volunteersweek and tag @britishorienteering on Facebook into your post throughout the week.