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Tweet Monday 15th July 2019

10 reasons – Xplorer can help you reach your target audience

  • Perfect for encouraging families to become more active and support them to becoming a stronger family unit.
  • Improve mental health – taking part can help improve low income families mood, help tackle obesity and other health problems.
  • Gives the ability to connect in a new way with any audience you are trying to engage with – at no cost to them – as sessions are FREE to them!
  • Help in engaging with Black, Asian, and Ethnic Minority Communities – with again offering FREE sessions to them!
  • Support people with disabilities or special needs to get outdoors….encouraging fresh air, ……
  • There is no entry level – anyone can take part and it’s FREE.
  • Provides an opportunity for Grandparents to enjoy active quality time with their grandchildren
  • The Xplorer challenge can be easily changed to meet the needs of participants
  • Extends your reach into the local community
  • Introduces , develops and embeds the skill of navigation

For a one off £1,000 investment – meet your targets and organisational outcomes!

For more information please contact:  Howard Blackman on 07768 334207 or email: