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Tweet Monday 5th August 2019

Best ever place for GB Women's MTBO Relay Team

The GB Women's MTBO relay team of Jo Pickering, Clare Dallimore, and Emily Benham-Kvale rode to their best ever position of 5th place in Viborg on Saturday at the World Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships 2019.

In a tight race on Sandy tough military terrain Jo had her ride of the week for 10th on first with Clare pulling up to 7th on second. A storming ride saw Emily overtake Portugal and Austria to finish tightly behind the Czech and Swedish team with Russia in Gold and the Finns in silver.

In the men’s class, the Russian team took the lead right out the start and stayed in front of the race till the very end. Anton Foliforov started strongly, and together with Finn Jussi Laurila opened up more than a minute gap to other teams. On the second leg, Valeriy Gluhov retained the gap and finished one minute and twenty seconds ahead of the Czech team. Grigory Medvedev had a solid race on the last leg and finished with a comfortable one and a half minute margin ahead of Czechs. The Russian team won Relay for a second year in a row.

In the women’s race, the Russian team was more than 3 minutes behind the Finns after the first leg, but Olga Shipilova Vinogradova had a fantastic second leg and finished almost 3 minutes ahead of the Finish team. Anastasiya Svir on the last leg hold Marika Hara away and finished with a 45 seconds lead.

Leading results


1. Russia (Anastaiya Bolshova, Olga Shipilova Vinogradova, Anstasiya Svir) 142:33

2. Finland (Ingrid Stengard, Ruska Saarela, Marika Hara) 143:18

3. Sweden (Linn Bylars, Sara Forsgren, Nadia Larsson) 149:35


4. Czech Republic (Katerina Novakova, Marketa Drobnikova, Veronika Kubinova) 151:29

5. Great Britain (Joanne Pickering, Clare Dallimore, Emily Benham Kvåle) 152:05

6. Austria (Sonja Zinkl, Michaela Gigon, Marina Reiner) 158:44


1. Russia (Anton Filoforov, Valeriy Gluhov, Grigory Medvedev) 134:09

2. Czech Republic (Jiri Hradil, Vojtech Ludvik, Krystof Bogar) 135:39

3. Finland (Jussi Laurila, Samuel Pokola, Pekka Niemi) 138:53


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Photos supplied by: Keith Dawson