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Tweet Tuesday 13th August 2019

WOC 2019: The Middle distance Qualification has started!

Today (13 August) we will find who will take part in the middle distance final later this week. The Middle distance qualification will take place at Knatterudfjellet, situated between Sarpsborg and Rakkestad, 16 km from the Event Centre in Sarpsborg.

GB Team Start Lists (UK time):

9:04  Jo Shepherd

9:11 Matthew Speake

9:34 Megan Carter-Davies

9:43 Peter Hodkinson

10:02 Cat Taylor

10:07 Ralph Street

Watch all the excitement of the GB team live at the championships here:

Startlists, Live results, GPS - here at IOF live


WOC 2019 Opening Ceremony took place yesterday evening
(Monday 12 August) in Sarpsborg Town Square. 

The Opening Ceremony started with a mini concert with UKM Sarpsborg (Young Culture Meet) and then continued with a parade with all the WOC national teams.  School children representing all the orienteering clubs from Østfold each carried a nation’s sign. There was marching band music by Sarpsborg Janitsjar and a speech by Sarpsborg Mayor Sindre Martinsen-Evje.  The Secretary of State for the Ministry of Culture Frida Blomgren also gave a speech before WOC was officially declared open by the IOF president Leho Haldna.  The openinng ceremony then finished with the national teams then parading out.   

Photos below:  Credit Rob Lines

Middle Distance QUalification