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Tweet Saturday 28th September 2019

Junior European Cup 2019 - LONG DISTANCE

Today is the Long Distance race at this year's Junior European Cup in France.

Located in La Croix de Bauzon today on Saturday 28 September, the Long Distance race is scheduled to start today at 10:00 - 13:00 (local time).  UK BST 09:00 - 12:00 

The GB team - Long-distance race

Alastair Thomas (EUOC/WCOC)
Zac Hudd (WCOC)

Peter Molloy (FVO)
Flurry Grierson (DEVON)
Matthew Gooch (MAROC)
David Bunn (TVOC)

Grace Molloy (FVO)
Niamh Hunter (WCOC)
Tara Schwarze-Chintapatla (EUOC/EBOR) 

Megan Keith (INVOC)
Eilidh Campbell (MAROC)
Alice Wilson (CLYDE)
Lizzie Stansfield (FVO)
Anika Schwarze-Chintapatla (EBOR)

Keep up-to-date and follow the results here

Wishing all the GB team all the very best as they prepare to compete in today's Long-distance race in La Croix de Bauzon.

Long distance race