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Tweet Thursday 3rd October 2019

Nordic TrailO match, Gothenburg, Poland

3 Trail-O competitions of the Nordic Match 2019
Saturday the 5th of October and Sunday the 6th of October

15 Brits are set to travel to Landvetter, near Gothenburg in Sweden for the annual Nordic match between Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark this weekend.   

This will be held close to Gothenburg, Sweden this weekend on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 October 2019. There are three competitions - 2-day PreO and 1-night PreO (Saturday evening). It is usual (and expected this year) that just the day competitions (Saturday and Sunday mornings) qualify for the Nordic Match result. These two competitions will also be British TrailO Ranking Events. 

This year there are also Italian, Slovenian and Slovakian guest teams entered amongst the 120 entries for the event.

After consultations with the athletes involved, we've selected our teams purely by their position on the GBR TrailO Rankings. 

Team 1: 
Tom Dobra (BOK) 
John Kewley (MDOC) 
Charles Bromley Garner (BAOC) 
Ian Ditchfield (MV) 
Nick Barrable (SYO)

Team 2: 
Peter Huzan (SLOW)
Sarah-Jane Barrable (SLOW)
Iain Phillips (LEI)
Colin Duckworth (TVOC)
Graham Urquhart (OD)

Team 3: (incomplete)
Elizabeth Urquhart (OD)
Dick Keighley (WIM)
Ruth Rhodes (SO) 
Anne Braggins (WAOC)

The match consists of three events, PreO and Night PreO on Saturday, and another PreO on Sunday. In the night event, new to the match this year, it has been decided to count a team's best three results only for the team competition.

More information can be found here.  


Additionally, 12- 13 October will also see PreO + TempO taking place at the Bukowa Cup in Poland.  


British Orienteering wishing all athletes the very best as they travel and get ready to compete this weekend.