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Tweet Saturday 4th January 2020

New Year...Looking for a sport you can do as a family?

Have you got kids with a sense of adventure? Who love to learn new skills, make new friends and have fun in the fresh air?

Do you want a sport the whole family can enjoy together? Where you can all progress at your own pace and enjoy a unique sense of achievement?

Then orienteering is the sport for you. This sport is suitable for all ages and fitness levels and events will usually have courses suitable for families when the events take place in local parks, green spaces and forested areas that have suitable paths for family groups. As you can take part at your own pace our unique sport is suitable for all including toddlers, mums, dads and grandparents. 

Orienteering is not only a fun and enjoyable sport it also provides valuable life skills including:

  • Mental Challenges – decision making and team working skills
  • Fun - You get to visit lots of new places and spend time in the great outdoors
  • Lifetime skills – an introduction to map reading
  • Confidence - in your abilities to problem solve and navigate
  • Physical Activity - builds general fitness and stamina
  • Excitement - the fun of a treasure hunt and the opportunity for walkers to beat the runners
  • Team building – brings families or friends together
Orienteering - a sport for the whole family to enjoy together

Interested and want to take part in orienteering as a family?  Many local orienteering clubs run regular coaching sessions, often at mid-week ‘club nights’, or on weekends.

If you want to talk about how you can get into orienteering and how you can get involved in the sport as a family, click here to find your local club.  They will be happy to talk to you and help you get started.

Want to know more about orienteering?  Check out the ‘Newcomer’s Guide’ here.

This set of Frequently Asked Questions will also help you find out more.