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Tweet Friday 7th February 2020

Outdoor Fitness Adventure Magazine - Features Orienteering!

Source: 'Best 2020 Fitness Challenges' article in Outdoor Fitness and Adventure's Magazine; February 2020 issue.

Orienteering is featured in the '15 Thrilling New Year Fitness Challenges' article.  

Credit:  Outdoor Fitness & Adventure magazine. 

"I'm always looking for new ways to spice up my running, and so are our readers," says Lisa Jackson, the award-winning author of two best-selling running books, Running Made Easy and Your Pace or Mine? (which will shortly be released as an audiobook) who included orienteering in her review of 15 Thrilling New Year Fitness Challenges in the February issue of Outdoor Fitness & Adventure magazine. "While researching this article I was delighed to discover that you don't need to attend organised orienteering events - there are courses laid out in urban and rural locations where you can try it out at your own pace and at a time that fits in with your schedule. I was also delighted to discover that orienteering events are held nationwide, which meant including it would appeal to all our readers, not just ones who lived close to certain events. Map-reading engages your brain and is a distraction from your aching limbs while running, so it's a great sport I think more people need to hear about."

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Credit:  Outdoor Fitness & Adventure magazine.