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Tweet Sunday 8th March 2020

#8. International Women's Day: Grace Molloy (Forth Valley Orienteers)

Celebrating International Women’s Day – 8 March 2020.

British Orienteering is supporting International Women’s Day.

Grace Molloy (Forth Valley Orienteers) - GOLD, BRONZE and BRONZE!

Grace Molloy (Forth Valley Orienteers) recently won a Bronze medal in the 2019 JWOC Women's Sprint , another Bronze medal in the 2019 JWOC Women's Long distance and the Gold medal in the 2019 JWOC Women's Relay team with Megan Keith (Inverness Orienteering Club) and Fiona Bunn (Thames Valley Orienteering Club) for Great Britain.

At the final control, Grace punched 14 seconds ahead and was joined by Megan and Fiona for the run in, finishing with a forward roll over the finish line to put the icing on the cake of the best British week at the Junior World Championships ever!  

Left photo above:  Grace Molloy (Forth Valley Orienteers) on the podium. 

Right photo above: (left to right) - Fiona Bunn (Thames Valley Orienteering Club), Megan Keith (Inverness Orienteering Club), Grace Molloy (Forth Valley Orienteers).   


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International Women's Day (IWD) provides an important moment to showcase commitment to women's equality, launch new initiatives and action, celebrate women's achievements, raise awareness, highlight gender parity gains and more.

The day is celebrated and supported globally by industry, governments, educational institutions, community groups, professional associations, women's networks, charities and non-profit bodies, the media and more.

Collectively every person and all groups can make a difference within their sphere of influence by taking concrete action to help build a more gender equal world. From small powerful grassroots gatherings to large-scale conference and events - International Women's Day is celebrated everywhere. It's a big day for inspiration and change.


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