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Tweet Sunday 10th May 2020

British Orienteering Awards 2019 -The Young Volunteer of the Year:

British Orienteering are pleased to announce the next winner in the Volunteer Awards for 2019.

Today we are proud to announce the winner for The Young Volunteer of the Year.

This year’s winner is Ingebjørg Holmedal.

Commenting on her award Ingebjørg, said:

“I definitely feel like my volunteering work with OROX (Orienteering Runners of Exeter) has given me much more than I have given it. It is an amazing club full of people new to the sport with a real passion for learning and enjoying the sport both at the highs and the lows. It makes for an incredibly supportive and fun club that it has been amazing to coach! Thank you to everyone who made it such a joy.”

Ingebjørg Holmedal (right) with the number 37.

Photo of Orienteering Runners of Exeter (OROX) at the 2019 British University Championships.

Ingebjørg features on the right with the number 37.


England Development Manager Peter Brooke, added:

“Across the country, there is a tremendous amount of hard work and effort done by clubs and volunteers to make orienteering happen. British Orienteering certainly appreciates and recognises all of this commitment, time and effort that goes into our sport from all our volunteers.

Ingebjørg’s recognition is well deserved for the tremendous amount of hard work she’s put in learning about the sport herself whilst bringing her skills from volunteering in a variety of setting for the benefit of others within orienteering.”