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Tweet Saturday 30th May 2020

Interview #6: Training in Lockdown Interview with Cat Taylor (SYO)

Interview #6: Training in Lockdown Interview with Cat Taylor
(South Yorkshire Orienteers).


Cat Taylor

Club (National): South Yorkshire Orienteers

Club (International): Fredrikstad Skiklubb

Athlete Profile


How have the current restrictions impacted on your training?
“I’m in Norway and actually my day-to-day life isn’t much affected. There’s a lot of space here and spending time in local countryside is almost encouraged, whereas town centres are less open than usual. Normal club training and races are off but I can run and orienteer as much as normal. I have a lot to work on with my sport confidence, orienteering technique and running in heavier terrain and it’s nice to have some consistent training at those. Hopefully later this year I can show my improvement in at least smaller competitions.”

“So March might have been an ideal time to move in one sense but it has brought some difficulties, too. My family and boyfriend are all stuck in other countries and a few weeks ago I suddenly found myself very isolated. Keeping in touch online is fine but I’ve hardly had any face to face conversations recently. It’s made the usual “athlete bubble” even smaller and means a lot of time with my own thoughts.”

Cat Taylor

What advice have you got for other athletes or members in a similar position?
“Get outside as much as you possibly can. Especially if you’re feeling down or anxious, it’s so much nicer to be moving outside, even if you have a training plan and it means a less tough workout than e.g. intervals on an exercise bike or treadmill. Just remember to keep to yourself so everyone can feel safe outdoors. Something I’ve found especially helpful is trying to take extra notice of how spring has arrived week by week in the local area. Take some time to see if you notice anything you’ve missed until now.”


What is your number one Lockdown training session?
“The best session is our club ”course of the week” posted online. There are tapes out at control sites and if you have GPS you can send in your route file to be included in the virtual ”race”. It’s a good way of adding pressure to make a higher intensity training. We use Loggator and going to is also a good indoor technique training, to think about the route choices on a course, where you need to be careful, etc. and then seeing how other runners tackled it."

"Now that the gym is shut it’s also time for some home strength training. In a studio flat with no weights it’s just concentrating on the basics two or three times a week. I normally put on a home strength circuit I find online – even if I swap most of the suggested exercises, just having “company” helps motivation. There are so many of these kinds of workout around at the minute.”


Have you still been able to access support from your coach or orienteering athlete friends, and if so how?
“I’m quite good at managing my own training so most of the support I need is just chatting with close friends and family, comparing notes from wherever they all are. Sharing my plans with them helps keep me in a good routine.”


What box sets have you been able to catch up on during Lockdown?
“Not much! There’s usually something that needs doing so I’m more likely to listen to the radio, music or a podcast.”


Have you been doing any DIY tasks – anything you want to tell us about?
“The other week I had to get the wheels on the car changed from winter to summer tyres. This was at a local garage but I did get a bit of a lesson and had a go myself too happily the wheels are still attached now and to be honest they are the least of that car’s problems. I’ve completed a couple of knitting projects too but otherwise I’m really envious of anyone with a garden to work in!”


Thank you Cat. Great to hear from you. We wish you all the very best with your on-going training.



As a sport, we must work together to resume orienteering responsibly as and when the relevant government determines it is safe to do so.

The Board of Directors at British Orienteering have committed to following the respective advice of each government, and therefore there are likely to be periods when types of orienteering activities permitted, vary between different parts of the UK, depending on the government guidelines and regulations.

The latest statement from British Orienteering can be found here.
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