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Tweet Friday 17th July 2020

Celebrating the First Return to Orienteering

The Isle of Man Orienteering Klubb (IOM OK) have organised their first orienteering event since lockdown.

Sandor Talas, Secretary and member of Isle of Man Orienteering Klubb, says:

“It was the first event in our four stage Manx Mini Series aimed at people new to orienteering. Manx Mini Series is organised for Thursday evenings around the island using one of the dozen permanent orienteering courses installed by the club with the help of DEFA. DEFA, the Department for Environment, Food and Agriculture on the Isle of Man, is a key supporter of orienteering development on the island.

The free order mass start event took place in the Garey ny Cloie Gardens and Wood at the DEFA Headquarters with the participation of over twenty families and individuals with an age range from 8 to 65. Instruction was provided for newcomers. Everybody found all the controls with results between 25 and 57 minutes.”

Before the start
 Action shot from the forest

Please note that all the social contact restrictions and mask requirements have been lifted weeks ago on the Isle of Man. The last positive covid test on the island was 57 days ago. For all practical purposes the island is virus free.

Event map

Latest guidance for the UK can be found here.