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Tweet Wednesday 5th August 2020

Lagan Valley Orienteers held first proper timed event since March

Mark Pruzina member of Lagan Valley Orienteers comments: 

“Here in Northern Ireland, Lagan Valley Orienteers held our first proper timed event since March yesterday on 1 August at Meelmore in the Mournes. We were able to offer 80 pre-entry places with 10 starts per 15 minutes in compliance with British Orienteering guidance.

We used SIAir and SRR Radio Controls which worked well with live Start, Finish and one Radio Control data coming back to me at Registration 1km away. This meant that the entire race was contact free from Start to Finish, with minimal contact and good social distancing at Registration/Download.

Social distancing was great throughout and everything was actually relatively unhurried and relaxed due to the spacing of the 80 people across the 2 hours. When I uploaded the results to British Orienteering website last night I think we might be the first proper timed event in the UK since March!

Everyone had a great time. The joy of getting out into an actual competitive, timed event was amazing.

We are hoping for a second event using the same protocols and processes in a couple of weeks’ time if we can finalise permissions.”


Juls Hanvey, Northern Ireland Sporting Clubs Coordinator who attended the event, says:  "I heard three different people say “Our sport was made for social distancing!” – so true!"


Here are another few quotes from Facebook users, they include:

“Thanks for a brilliant event today. Great scenery and a challenging course. Thought the social distancing was very well managed and didn’t detract from the enjoyment of the event. All the best and hope to see you at the next one.”
“Many thanks to all involved, a grand day out after so long.”
“Fantastic event- thank you for organising.”
“Great start to the season well done team for putting in a great effort to make it happen.”
“Great event with excellent organisation, thanks to all involved.”













Photo credits:  Juls Hanvey (NIOA)

Thank you to Helen Pruzina (Organiser), Steph Pruzina (Planner), Mark Pruzina for sorting out all of the IT side of things including pre-registration entries and payment, Graeme Francis (Controller) and to all the additional volunteers helping with starts and registration.

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