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Tweet Thursday 10th September 2020

West Cumberland Orienteering Club hold 4th event since ease of lockdown

Report by Steve Breeze, Chair of West Cumberland Orienteering Club 

West Cumberland Orienteering Club were keen to get back to orienteering as soon as possible. 

Social distancing is not generally a problem in West Cumbria

Members are well used to their weekly Thursday fix of orienteering and were keen to see them return. As soon as we had the full guidance from British Orienteering a Zoom meeting was convened. A great team effort meant we were up and running for the first Thursday in August. A series of weekly cross country fixtures was planned. Putting on weekly events means we work hard to keep the load on the planner/organiser to a minimum. With the creation of a bespoke entry system and the loan of dibbers to all members without one, has meant that the planner/organiser has even less to do on the day - there may be no going back! Working with our usual start times of 5:30 - 6:45 and two separate starts meant that it was possible to accommodate 100 entries. It was therefore decided that we did not need to restrict our events to members only but opened them up to all members of British Orienteering. This has actually had the positive side effect of actually attracting new members to the club. There's a long history of school's orienteering in West Cumbria. Our latest new members were a father and son - dad had been a keen orienteer at secondary school. Good relationships with landowners has meant we were able to find enough suitable areas. Our last event on Ling Fell was almost at capacity of 100 entries.

Photo credits:  West Cumberland Orienteering Club

Jon Eaton, WCOC Membership Secretary, comments:   
"WCOC have just completed the first month of orienteering under the ‘new normal’ arrangements. Four events have been held on Thursday evenings throughout August, with an excellent average attendance of over 75 competitors per event . The highest attendance being 91 at Low Rigg. Members of 14 other British Orienteering clubs have taken part in the series, in addition to a good turnout from WCOC members."

The second series of four events  is already underway and began last Thursday, 3 September.



Celebrating the re-start of orienteering.  
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