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Tweet Sunday 13th September 2020

Leicestershire Orienteering Club Enjoy Competitive Orienteering Again

Leicestershire Orienteering Club (LEI) have traditionally run a series of 18-20 summer evening events, so the opening up of Orienteering was a chance to salvage something from the summer. 

A series of seven events starting on the 4 August and has given club members a chance to get out and do some competitive orienteering.

The latest event at Bennion Pools saw 35 club members tackle a middle-distance race that was part Urban and part parkland. 

Ursula Williamson, LEI’s Minor Events Co-ordinator, commented:  "Coping with the Covid -19 restrictions was difficult at first but as club members got in to the swing of the new normal it has become much easier and the club will be expanding the numbers of start places for later events.”
Club Secretary, Roger Phillips, said: "It’s just great to be out running again and seeing friends from the club”.








Photo credits:  Leicestershire Orienteering Club


Celebrating the re-start of orienteering.  
What activities or events has your club organised? Have you recently attended a re-start event?  How was it?
Maybe you have downloaded a Permanent Orienteering and/or Virtual Orienteering Course and enjoyed it with your family?  Or you have recently enjoyed taking part in a local MapRun course or even designed your own MapRun course for members of your club to take part in?  
However, you have been taking part in orienteering, share your experiences with others who may not have re-started yet.

Share your re-starting orienteering news and send your snippets, and photos to Jennie Taylor Communications Officer. 


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