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Tweet Saturday 12th September 2020

Eborienteers Hold Successful Regional Event at Skipwith Common

One of the Starts

Steve Corrigan from Eborienteers, says:  "We had a successful Regional Event at Skipwith Common on Sunday 30 August 2020 with 240 competitors. To accommodate everyone safely we used two separate starts and extended the start times from 10:30am to 13:45am."

The second Start area

The event included:

  • Hand sanitisers were provided at toilets, starts and download and we used 1.5 litres in total.
  • Pre-entries only with Fabian. This pre-entry system now allocates start times within the British Orienteering guidelines.
  • We did not provide loose descriptions. We did provide split times. Download was done using extended cables so that the splits printer was away from the officials.
  • Courses were planned to avoid paths, tracks and the public as much as possible. SI boxes at controls were contactless.
  • Competitors all obeyed social distancing rules when competing or queueing.

Steve continues:  "I believe we could have increased the starts to one per minute and still maintained social distancing. Having the starts near the car park or having a clock, synchronised with the start clock, in the car park, helped to prevent any gathering for the starts.

The toilets were 100m from the car park, by accident, but prevented the queue from infringing on the car park, helping with social distancing.

The car park area used was also larger than normal because of the need to park further apart.

Nev Myers, Eborienteers Chairman, came to the event, not to compete but to show his support. Nev is still recovering from COVID which he contracted in March. Our best wishes go to Nev."

Nev Myers, Eborienteers Chairman

Photo credits:  Eborienteers


British Orienteering would like to take this opportunity to send Nev Myers Chair of Eborienteers very best wishes with his recovery. 


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