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Tweet Friday 11th September 2020

British Orienteering Ranking Points Update

With the restart in Orienteering events taking place, members should be aware that the current ranking points system remains suspended.

The decision was made due to the suspension of all events across the country due to COVID-19 restrictions. The suspension of ranking points has not been lifted as there are still difficulties for many clubs in restarting events, primarily in gaining land permissions, therefore access to ranking events is not easily available to all.

In turn, this could potentially give an unfair advantage to others where events are able to take place. British Orienteering is looking tentatively at reinstating this from January 2021 subject to some form of normality in the competition programme. This will be subject to any further government restrictions and the ability of clubs to obtain access.

Ranking points system remains suspended

Important to please note: 
British Orienteering has updated the database to prevent ranking points being calculated. We had already put in place code to freeze the ranking table, so whilst new points would have shown on the results of the individual events, they shouldn't have affected anyone's overall score.