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Tweet Friday 11th September 2020

JK 2021 Cancellation

British Orienteering regrets to announce the cancellation of the 2021 JK Festival of Orienteering. JK 2021 was due to be organised in Devon and Cornwall over the Easter weekend by members and clubs from the South West Orienteering Association.

The JK 2021 organisers have explored every feasible option for securing access to suitable terrain in the South West for an orienteering event of the standard and popularity of the JK, but have found it impossible to do so. Landowners have indicated that they are unable to give permission for an event such as the JK while the Government and other local organisations restrictions relating to the COVID-19 pandemic continue. British Orienteering has therefore reached the decision, in consultation with SWOA, that it is no longer feasible to continue with preparations and staging of the JK.

British Orienteering understands and shares the disappointment of the whole orienteering community that JK 2021 will not be going ahead as we had hoped. Our sincere thanks go to Christine Vince and Roger Hargreaves, and the whole of the SWOA volunteer team, for the significant time and effort they have invested in trying to find a way for the JK to go ahead in such difficult circumstances.

JK 2021 Cancellation

In the coming weeks, British Orienteering will be investigating other options for organising orienteering events or activities over Easter 2021, and we would be very glad to hear from any clubs or associations who may be able to assist with this. We are aware, that KERNO is looking at planning on a range of small events, including Penhale, in the vicinity of where the JK was due to be held.

We will continue to keep you all informed of any future developments.